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My birthday is Wednesday.


Im still looking for people over 40 to encourage me about what good things I have to look forward to between now and death. So far ive got ” between 40-72 I won $1,000.00 on two separate occasions” from my gambling addict aunt. And a plethora of “I had my children”.
I dont have/want children.
I remember thinking the same tging when I turned 25. I actually asked people then what did I have to look forward to. I was told marriage and kids. Back then that disappointed me as I didnt care about either of those. Now people assume if im not married or have kids I wont. I knew that at 25 and noone believed me. So here I am 15 years later still having the same worthless , meaningless life. 15 years of monotonous nothingness. 15 years of depression and wondering what the point is.